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Renting out your property in Spain

Updated: Aug 23, 2017

There’s a lot of demand for short term rentals during the peak season and demand for long term rentals is growing. For decades, foreign homeowners in Spain have been renting out their properties at a low level and enjoying the extra income it brings. However, there is a really low awareness of Spanish laws amongst these landlords which has led to mistakes and oversights which can have some scary consequences. As a Community President, I see as my duty to gather the correct information so I can properly advise owners in our Community.

Most of the homeowners renting their properties short term are not aware that they should be declaring the income and paying tax on it. The Spanish tax authority is now clamping down on this unpaid tax which has been estimated to be €104.8 million in the Malaga province alone. They have joined forces with the electricity companies to be able to prove that there is consumption during periods that the owners are not in Spain, therefore it must be being rented – crafty!

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