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Entry-Exit  Fobs

Replacement Fobs and Cards

The entry-exit fobs and access cards are individually allocated to each property.

It is advisably that if you misplace any of the fobs or access cards you notify Condominium or the President.


Current President:

The only company authorized to issue new access cards or fobs is Powermatic, situated in San Pedro de Alcantara.

You can order new fobs or cards from condominium by visiting their premises at their address below.

Prior to you visiting their offices it is advisable you notify the President or Condominium Services so that Powermatic is aware you are coming.

Failing to do so may result in a wasted journey as they may refuse to provide you with replacement fobs unless you can provide evidence you are an owner or tenant in Duquesa Golf Villas community.

Company Details:

Web Site:


Click here to locate on Google maps


Polígono Industrial San Pedro

Calle Finlandia, 4

29670 San Pedro Alcántara



+34 952 78 26 45

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